An illustration depicting thermal runaway protection inside an EV battery.


Meet the industry’s need for EV battery products that focus on safety with solutions designed with the end user in mind. Our thermal runaway protection materials feature thermal insulation with fire blocking characteristics and excellent compression set resistance, giving them the ability to serve dual purpose in fire mitigation as a compression pad. Minimize the fire propagation in the event of a thermal runaway with materials designed to protect battery cells. 

Electric car lithium battery pack.

Get Ahead of Thermal Runaway

Dive deeper into the changing regulations for EV Li-ion battery packs and discover the thermal runaway materials that improve the performance and safety of the vehicle.


Material Product Code Thickness, mm Flame Performance Compression 
Set, % 
Key Features Optional Features
Silicone TRP 3.2 ASTM D3801 V-0  <5% Mechanical & thermal cushioning  Thickness variations