Console Chess Game

This is a Console Chess Game made with ncurses with movement restriction. No player restriction (anyone can play anytime) and no mate prediction or game ending.

Download: Right now there's the source only, in fact there's a few things to see. I'll pack it with RPM when it becomes bigger.

Dev 0.1: (latest public version from 2006-08-17)

  • White/Black turn
  • Talk mode for multiplayer
  • Multiplayer using 'screen -x'
  • Path block checking
  • Show captured pieces
  • Bugs reported: No mate or check prediction
  • Bug-fixed: White/Black turns

    Chess 0.1 - TarBall

    Older Versions

  • Manuals: No manual ready right now.

    Authors: Renato Golin

    Rengolin This page was created using Vim